Monday, September 24, 2007

Oh Etsy...

My current obsession is Etsy. It's fabulous and if you've never checked it out ,DO it! Mind you, only if you're willing to give up lots of time looking at all the amazing things and money to buy those said things.

I'm in Broad Street Cafe, where I usually am on Monday mornings. I come here to try and get some work done, but today has not been so successful. Last week, I somehow managed to knock out a paper before noon, but today's time has been eaten away by music, checking email and the black hole that is Facebook. Don't get me wrong, I love knowing about my friends' and classmates' personal life in a pseudo-stalkerish way, but I think I might need to limit my Facebook involvement. It creeps me out how much I care about what is going on in that world.

I'll leave you with a few things that I desperately want from Etsy right now:

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