Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I belong...anywhere but in between

First week of classes! Woo?
No, it's been good so far. The first week back to school is hard no matter what. You're not used to your schedule. You're not used to waking up early. You're not used to the babies in your classes that sit where you like to sit. Oh, I sound like such an old woman, so stuck in my ways. But seriously, move elsewhere kiddies. I put in my time.

It's been raining for 2 days and the weatherman tells me that it will continue for 3 more. Ugh. This morning was the ultimate you-should-stay-in-bed morning. Even Margot was hesitant to get up. That tells you something.

Back to school. So I've switched my classes around approximately 82356937856 times. I think I've finally secured my schedule. My first change happened because I decided I didn't want to continue on the Methodist track. That meant that I didn't have to take 3 (out of 4) classes that I was scheduled to. I ended up only switching 2. Then I switched yet another. My class schedule now consists of: Christian Theology (required), The Missional Church and Evangelism, Prophetic Ministries: Shaping Communities of Justice, and Pastoral Care and Women's Bodies. I just added the last one and am pretty excited about it. This also means that I am like one class away from the Gender, Theology and Ministry certificate. Aka it would be dumb NOT to get it.

Sometime last week (in the middle of helping with first year orientation), I realized that I was already pretty busy and classes hadn't even started yet. This year will be busy, but also fulfilling and probably less jarring than last year. I'm involved in a lot (Basin and Towel-Div School Service Club, Axe of the Apostles- improv comedy group, church small group, more things with church) and the list goes on. Oh, and I'd like to have quality time with the hubby and have a social life.

ok more later