Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The end is like the beginning

So yet again, I begin. Blogs and I have an on-again, off-again relationship. I want to be faithful to writing. I want to write thoughtful, witty posts. But I also want to try to get two masters degrees in 4 years. We'll see if either of these two goals actually happen.
It's mid-September and I am in the fourth (i think?) week of my first year of divinity school at Duke. If anyone is unfamiliar with div school, it's helpful to know that my husband, Travis, calls it Jesus Academy. It's where you go to learn how/why to do ministry. Or to read and write about it, at least. Most people there want to pastor a church. I don't because a) that scares me and b) I think I'm supposed to do something else. Don't ask me what that something else is, cause I sure as hell don't know. My hope is that I'll be accepted to a dual-degree program that includes two years at Duke (for a Masters of Divinity) and then two years at UNC-Chapel Hill (for a Masters of Social Work). At the end of four years, I'll either be dead, or be equipped to serve as a counselor, at a non-profit, etc.
One of the best parts of going to Duke is living in North Carolina. Seriously, it makes every day so much better. The greenery, the weather, the way people here care about recycling, the way that it doesn't take 6 hours to get out of the state: all wonderful. Living in a house also really rocks. It's quiet and cozy and I don't have to climb any stairs with groceries and we have a backyard. Simply amazing. I want to start a garden it the backyard. Just some flowers, herbs and things that can survive no matter what. You know, to boost my gardening confidence a little bit. We'd like to put a grill and some patio furniture on the deck, but to buy any of those things would mean not eating or paying rent. Alas.

I want community. For some reason, I had this picture in my head that we would move here and automatically have close friends and we would hang out at each other's places all the time and go to flea markets and on roadtrips. While I've met some really cool people, even clicked with a few, I don't feel like we get to see each other, or really have even gotten to know each other better. I want to foster that community, but I don't know what the next natural step is. I know that I can't create community by my own actions, but I want to be proactive. I feel like Travis and I have alot to offer. I know that sounds funny, but we do! We'd love to have people to pour into and to be challenged by. And we have a great house for hanging out, a fun dog and great tastes in music, movies, books, food :)
So potential friends, step right up.

I like my classes. But writing papers still sucks. My scottie dog is napping and I want to join her. Booooo.


Courtney said...

Hey twin, I'm craving community, too. Sympathy pains, I suppose. Glad you're blogging again. I'm going to pick up my brand new MAC from the FedEx warehouse in 45 minutes (yipeeee - 1st new compy in 5 1/2 years), and Jill says that since I'll be a Mac owner, a blog can't be too far behind. So we'll see if I start up mine again. :-) xoxo, CB

steve and randel hambrick said...

whoo hooo! glad to find this. welcome to the addicting, obsessive world of blogging...
miss and love you!

David said...

Hey Amy! April and I crave community as well (and I need her to hang out with cool dogs so I can convince her that we should bring one into our family!). If everyone survives the campout craziness, let's have dinner!