Sunday, October 19, 2008

I like watching Travis laugh

This update isn't just for Chelsea. But mostly.

I'm supposed to be writing a paper (I know, surprise, surprise) but instead I'm snuggling with Margot and watching Travis watch Conan O'Brien on DVR. When I say I'm watching Travis, don't think I'm creepy; I am purposefully not facing the TV so that I'll write and not watch it, but obviously it's not working too well.

This past week was Fall Break (ahem, I mean Reading Week). I did so much reading.....of my tween-vampire-romance novel. Which is totally my guilty pleasure these days. Speaking of guilty pleasures, I was having a discussion about guilty pleasure music with some of my friends/classmates the other day and needless to say, it is clear that people have differing views of what constitutes guilty pleasure music.
Here's my definition:
1)Guilty pleasure music is music you would not mention when someone asked: "Who do you listen to?"
2) You are embarrassed (at least a little)/or find the need to explain yourself if someone finds said music on your Itunes/Ipod/in your car
3) Includes: showtunes, rap, slow jams, honky-tonk country, cheesy 80s rock, Weird Al Yankovic, Celine Dion.....the list goes on.
4) For me includes: old school Christian catchy songs, the soundtrack to "Legally Blond: The Musical," "Dirty Dancing" and "The Big Chill," and 90s rap/slow jams....oh and maybe Eminem.

What's your guilty pleasure music???

oh and NO I will not answer any queries about above choice music...

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Chelsea said...

YAYYYYYYYYYY!!! So excited about a new post (and the dedication :)! OK--guilty pleasure music. Hmmmm...I would say my late 90s rap music. For a while, I was really into hard rap (like Methodman and Redman, Notorious B.I.G, etc--no pop-py stuff) I'm sure we still have some albums hanging around--but they are definitely hidden. And I pull them out when I am feeling especially "gansta" :) Oh, and hope you are feeling better!