Tuesday, September 9, 2008

plaster in the living room and coffee in my hand

I don't know why I do it, but I like to watch shows like The Hills and Dr. 90210. After watching them I always feel worse about the state of humanity and also like I need to have nice clothes. I know those two things don't mesh, but that's what happens. One good thing about watching these shows is that I totally know what Joel McHale is talking about when he makes fun of them on The Soup (which I obviously also watch).

Of course, I only watch these shows without Travis. Needless to say, they're not his favorite. It's pretty funny because the shows that stay on our DVR the longest are our individual guilty pleasures. For me that means reality shows, specifically anything on TLC, MTV or Discovery Health. For him, it's cartoons (Batman, Futurama, etc). Anything else we record we pretty much agree on and watch together. I think it's a nice use of the DVR technology: everybody wins.

I FINALLY bought the latest Death Cab for Cutie album (Narrow Stairs) and am looking forward to listening that on my walk from my car to school today. People at the div school probably think I'm rude/aloof cause I definitely walk right into school, to check my mailbox, and to class, all with my headphones on. I just like to stay in my own little world for as long as I can. Good music sets my tone for the day, and I like to stay wrapped up in that.

Chris Hohmann (the meteorologist on our local ABC news that looks like he has no teeth) tells me that there is a cold, rainy front coming through. Good; I'm ready for fall. Not rain particularly, but if rain equals cooler weather, count me in


Chelsea said...

narrow stairs is GOOD! i was skeptical b/c i really liked their last one, but i was not disappointed! hope you enjoyed your anti-social morning ritual :)

Samuel Putnam said...

who doesnt love the soup!?