Monday, July 6, 2009

Little Things...

I think the reason I've become bad at blogging is because I think I need to sit down and write a huge long update every time I blog. And since I don't always have the time or inspiration to do that, I end up not writing at all. So instead I'm going to try and blog some short entries, just a few thoughts each day.
Just like Martha Stewart, it's often the little things that make my day.
Here are some little things I've been enjoying lately:

This Young House blog is the life and design of a super cute couple John and Sherry. They share design tips and secrets from their own house and also give advice and make inspiration boards for reader submissions. I've already gotten so many ideas for our new place from this blog, whether it be furniture arrangement or color schemes. I love how they blend modern style with classic, clean design. Check them out!

Pacing the Panic Room is a husband's account of his wife's second pregnancy. For 39 weeks Ryan documents the baby's growth through super cute, creative pictures and a little note on how the pregnancy is progressing. You can skim through just the photos or read the whole blog for the entire story. His wife, Nicole, is so photogenic and stylish even when it's obvious she's uncomfortably pregnant. Though the pregnancy photo series is over (baby Tessa was born on June 29, 2009!), Ryan has already added a week 40 photo of mama and baby. He blogs that he is not sure if he will continue the series now that their baby is here, but I sure hope he does! I am so inspired by the beauty of the whole thing: of Ryan's obvious adoration for his wife and family, for Cole's glow and quirky smiles as she looks at her pregnant belly, by the care that this couple has taken to document this time in their lives; it's all so beautiful!

Ok, that's all for now. Be ready for more (but little) updates!

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