Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I know, I'm bad at this blogging thing. But, I'm going to get better, I promise! It's funny because during an average day I think of like 3 things I want to blog about. It's all about getting it down on paper (well, webpage, but you know what I mean). Comment a lot friends, so I'll stay inspired :)

Yesterday Travis and I pulled the first big harvest from our garden. We've been using herbs, but those grow so fast, I don't count them.

Here's a starting photo of the romaine lettuce:

Here's the start of the whole garden (from St. Francis' perspective):

And here's the bounty!!!

And that's only like 1/10th of it!!!!!!! Woo-hoo!!!

While we're on the picture train, here's a sneak peek of our new house:

It's such a secret garden house:

Especially the back yard:

It has a mudroom!!!

Awesome HUGE front room:

We had the inspection yesterday and everything seemed to go pretty well. Sure, there are things that need to be fixed, but nothing that's a deal-breaker. Yay! New house, here we come! We close on June 15th, so cross your fingers that everything goes smoothly between now and then.

Lesson of the day: we're officially old. Growing vegetables and buying a house? Yep, O-L-D.
(I secretly, or not-so-secretly, like it)


Guenzel Gossip said...

We are old! Yeah for your house. I am sure you going to spend a lot of time watching HGTV until the 15th. So it officially means you are staying in North Carolina, huh? Congrats! Being a homeowner is amazing!

steve and randel hambrick said...

congrats!!!! i think i need to come visit to check it all out for myself... :)

matt and ashley said...

oh my gosh, i am so excited for you! that house looks amazing! yayyyy!